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Stay Healthy In School

Stay Healthy In School
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Name: Stay Healthy In School
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Join Time: March 16, 2018 at 04:09PM EST
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About Me: Top Reasons Students Should Try Their Best To Stay Healthy While In School

College life is when we learn the most important things in our life. It is a big shift from being a child to teenage and then adolescence. This is the learning curve of the life; it is the time when you get into new habits. And therefore, it is important that students learn all good and healthy things at this age.
Below are some reasons why students in college should try their best to stay healthy while in school.

1. More Energy

We often take our energy level for granted, especially in the college days. This is because we are always full of energy and enthusiasm. But even then, there are few days when getting out of the bed also seems like a big task. Having good energy level makes all the difference. It not only affects you physically but also helps in keeping your mood up. And as we are already going through lot of things in the college days, it is necessary to keep your energy levels always high. A quick run around the block, yoga class, some stretching, literally any physical movement will stimulate the release of endorphins in your body, which are responsible for raising energy levels according to this article about Freshman 15 on

2. Avoid Illness

This is one of the reasons why everyone should stay healthy, no matter what age group. Eating healthy and doing exercise daily takes you a long way. It will keep you away from any kind of illness (not all, but maximum of them). Being in good condition is very important during college days, because that is the learning phase, and you shouldn’t miss the beautiful, amazing things going on in life daily. In addition, I am sure you do not want to miss all the fun and trips out with your friends just because you caught some flu.

3. Better Mental Health

Being healthy keeps you tuned up and full of energy always. And this affects your mental health too. It is seen that people those who exercise at least for 30 minutes in a day are found more efficient under stress. There are different enzymes that get activated during exercise that helps in better mental health. Staying physically active also keep you away from depression, and is also found as a combined treatment for depression.

4. Better Future

You are studying and going through all this pain just for better future, right? So what is the use of all this, if your future is filled with number of health problems? So start taking small steps from now itself to make your future good. Staying healthy from now itself will help a lot in the future. It will keep you physically and emotionally fit and fine.

5. Look Better

College days are when you flaunt yourself. So get fitter and look better by opting for a healthy lifestyle. Eat green veggies and fruits more instead of processed fatty foods. Similarly add some exercise to your routine and see how it positively changes you. You also feel confident only when you look better, so here is one more reason to opt for healthy life.

6. Feel Relaxed and Fresh

Taking rest for at least 8 hours in a day falls under healthy lifestyle plan. This helps your body to overcome all the wear and tear of the previous day. It also helps all your systems to work properly. This eventually will make you feel very relaxed and fresh the next day.

How To Opt For A Healthy Lifestyle?

Turning towards a healthy lifestyle is not very difficult task, but maintaining it surely is. Here are few things that you can start for choosing to stay healthy.

1. Get Moving
Avoid sedentary life and start moving. Staying physically active is like number one priority of healthy life. You can include exercises, sports, dance class, swimming, running, or anything you like that involves you being physically active.

2. Eat Smart
You don’t have to follow all those strict diet plans that crave you to death. But rather eat smartly. Include as much of green veggies as possible in your diet. Dress your breakfast table with fruits, snack on nuts will be more than enough for your diet. You just have to take care that you avoid processed and fat-rich foods. Cutting these fast foods will automatically bring to down to the healthy eating route.

3. Stay Hydrated
Yes, drinking enough water also falls under healthy lifestyle. According to studies, a person should drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily. If you are not able to complete the quota of water, then simply compensate it with including foods in your diet that contains lots of water. Even fresh fruit juices will help you in keeping the water levels up.

4. Take Enough Rest
For staying healthy, lastly, you need to take enough rest. Your body needs time to relax for getting back in its full force. A person should at least take 7 to 9 hours of night’s sleep. At night, your body tends to repair all the worked-out tissues and heal them. And therefore, taking enough rest has an important place in healthy lifestyle routine.
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