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Amelinda Williams

Amelinda Williams
General Information
Name: Amelinda Williams
Affiliation: New York University
Join Time: October 28, 2017 at 11:35PM EST
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About Me: Those in good health who have formed and maintained the good habits for yourself. Without a complete recipe for life long proud of us, both in terms of physical and mental health. But according to research by many scientists about the health and longevity, 7 habits will help you gain good health, feeling happy every day.
1. Has the Organization and the principle of
If you want healthy, you should be held. There are organizations that will help you get the feeling things are more controlled and you have more energy than spirit. It will help you to succeed in any field and do everything in the right time.
For example, people in good health like outdoor exercise every morning. It requires everything to be organized and have good principles, by a person to exercise in the morning before work, then there will be a lot of work to prepare. They had breakfast ready in the refrigerator. The Organization will help you become healthier.
7 principles to good health and always happiness-picture 1
If you want healthy, you should be held (artwork: Internet)
2. Interest in his health
In this busy life, we are very easy to forget the good habit for health-are the things that help us feel great and eating properly.
People in good health often have the habit of its health priorities. They often prefer to take the time to play the activity and the sport is different than having your friends breeding. Furthermore they are very fastidious about nutrition for themselves.
People in good health are usually consumed by food. They often avoid the fast food because they fear it is harmful for health. They drink enough water throughout the day. The water helped us have energy, purifying the body and help the body to function well. The choices that help us get healthy and comfortable mood.
3. training programs
Exercise and other activities are not only good for you, but they are also very fun time. People in good health are usually used the sport as tool to maintain the body with a nice physique. That is the reason why they put out a calendar of exercise every morning and every evening.
Because the people with the conscious self held high, so the people in good health are usually easier to follow a fitness schedule that they've proposed. They think that regular exercise and your preferred lifestyle mobility will help them live longer.
4. Get enough sleep
A good night's sleep is necessary for us to have the body and spirit healthy. The scientific evidence has shown the sleep key military role in promoting functions, memory, learning, and other important functions. That is the reason why people have good health has very seriously a night sleep.
You should set yourself time to go to sleep and wake up every day on time, this is very important because your body will become accustomed to certain biological rhythms. We know that if the prolonged lack of sleep will make us feel so awful, by lack of sleep can increase the concentration of cortisol. The choice of people in good health is always enjoy a good sleep at night, because it can make them feel ready to welcome the world tomorrow.
7 principles to good health and always happiness-Photo 2
A good night's sleep is necessary for us to have a healthy body and spirit (artwork: Internet)
5. Plan your meals
People in good health are always more active and less junk food. Excessive eating or snacking when the mood bored is not their habits. This is one of those habits are harmful to the health of many people.
People in good health are not adherents of the packaged food. They are regular customers of the store vegetables, fruits. They believe that these healthy foods will nourish your body with all the vitamins and minerals needed.
6. Always looking to keep balance
Main principles of those in good health is seeking to keep balance in everything. They always follow rules the day in live, sports, eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.
In addition, they do not go into negative when there is something wrong, they always live and active. Important things you should know that when you keep the consistency then you will get the good results and good health.
7. The ability to cook delicious
Unfortunately, many types of healthy food is not delicious like fast food. But today there are many formulas for processing a delicious dish of how using the healthy food. People in good health are gifted chefs. So, if you are invited to dinner, you will enjoy lots of delicious food cooked by them.
According to the Health Organization:
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