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Matthew Slencsak

Matthew Slencsak
General Information
Name: Matthew Slencsak
Affiliation: Kent State University
Join Time: April 6, 2017 at 11:59PM EST
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Debating Statistics
Wins: 5 (1 is a Bye)
Losses: 1 (0 are Forfeits)
Average Points (Out of 30): 23.9 (143.4 total)
*Opponent Wins: 14
*Opponent Points: 467.4
Judging Statistics
Total Rounds Judged: 0
Average Points Given (Out of 30): 0
Voted Proposition In: N/A
Voted Opposition In: N/A
Average Length of Notes (Characters): 0 (0 total)
Current: None

Binghamton University's 5th Annual Online Debate Tournament


*Does not count opponents in bye or forfeit rounds.

About Me: I coach the South Range high school debate team and have coached for 3 years. I primarily judge LD and once in a while judge some PF. I also coached our districts world schools team, but didn't judge any world schools rounds. Before all of this I competed in LD for 4 years in at Howland high school with a few tournaments of PF and Congress thrown in.

If you need to contact me for some debate related reason your best bet is emailing me at or adding/messaging me on facebook.
Judge Philosophy: Speed is fine as long as you have good enough audio quality. Obviously if I can't understand it I can't vote off of it.

If you don't present an alternative way to weigh the round then I'm using util and I'll be kind of annoyed about it.

Please weigh impacts, warrant your claims (and I don't mean citing someone who makes the claim. Explain WHY they're making that claim), and impact your arguments.

I prefer last name and date format for citing sources but I'm fine with everything as long as it has the authors last name and the date it was published. <-- Not really a huge issues but I'll dock points for bad cites

Things I like: K's, Philosophy when it's run well, and unique arguments and perspectives.

Things I hate: T, Strategies that revolve around abusive definitions, the social contract as a general principle (you can run a specific one but please pick one), and the util justifies slavery argument.

Lastly running things I like doesn't equal a free win. If you run them poorly, or your opponent responds to them really well, I'll have no problem voting you down. Running things I hate doesn't mean an auto loss. If you run them well or your opponent deals with them poorly I'll still vote you up and you might even manage to change my mind.
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