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Name: buyiphone7
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Join Time: October 6, 2016 at 09:15PM EST
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About Me: iPhone 7
hour of destroyer
No sooner have the new iPhones commercially, they end up on the rack. The devices go swimming, falling from helicopters and end their existence in hydraulic presses. Entertaining the tests - useful rather not.

By Matthias Kremp

iPhone 7 under pressure
YouTube / SquareTrade Inc.
iPhone 7 under pressure
Tuesday, 9.20.2016 13:20 To press LicensesFeedbackcomment on
You want to be any of the first iPhone, which came on the market last Friday prefer. Certainly, the majority of buyers are fans that their new smartphone enthusiastic cherish and maintain. But there are also some chance that such a first-day iPhone already does not survive the first weekend.

While some enthusiasts grieve that the waiting time for new orders already amounts to several weeks, others were in the past few days busy destroying their expensive new acquisition. For introduction of a new iPhone model that belongs now just as important as queues outside Apple stores.

Often enough it is this simply a matter of absurd possible pseudo tests impressive possible YouTube to make videos. They should inject the one additional viewers in the YouTube channel of the respective provider, generate revenue as about the embedded advertising.

Fall from the helicopter

So how about the YouTuber Callux who subtitled his channel with "Pranks and interviews" and be freshly unwrapped iPhone 7 drops from a flying helicopter - with the cameras running. The smartphone documented the fall with its own video. It survived the fall and was wearing only a slightly fragmented screen and a few scratches it.

Completely absurd it is, when the hydraulic press Channel an iPhone 7 inserted in a hydraulic press . The result is as expectable as useless: the iPhone will be crushed under the pressure of powerful machinery to granular mixture of plastic, glass and metal. The Finnish provider that enough, he wants to make Internet users to its repair offer for smartphones attention. Such a device is demolished but this company can not mend.

An iPhone 7 in the press
YouTube / Hydraulic Press Channel
An iPhone 7 in the press
Other companies it is not important to repair iPhones. The US firm SquareTrade approximately represents the device to the test in order to promote their smartphone insurance. For crash smartphones, are thrown in the washing tub or submerged in water.

A flexibility test was not lacking in the SquareTrade the device was set by a machine under pressure. The iPhone 7 held 77 kg load without damage, the iPhone 7 Plus allowed to bend up to a load of 82 kilograms. A comparison to tested Samsung Galaxy S7 broke through at the same value.

Deep down in the sea

Equally absurd, but at least a little bit closer to actually possible accidents, is the underwater action of EverythingApplePro. Here, the iPhone was put together with a Samsung Galaxy S7 in an open can and lowered on a rope in a harbor

Deepwater test socket
YouTube / EverythingApplePro
Deepwater test socket
At a depth of ten and a half meters, the Samsung phone finally refused its office, while although the iPhone showed little damage, but otherwise still worked. After all, as an iPhone should therefore go overboard times, you would have a chance to save it functional. A rapidly deployable diving equipment or excellent diving abilities provided. Reminder: According to Apple, the iPhone can withstand 7 water only up to one meter depth and then only a maximum of 30 minutes.

Better not drop

Closer to real problems are the drop tests EverythingApplePro. Although the conducted after Pi times thumb principle: yet you give them an idea of ​​how well the new Apple phone with the typical smartphone problem clearly comes when dropped.

The testers were the iPhone 7 times this fall from the state, sometimes they went for a ladder. The result impressed her very obvious: While at a comparing mitmalträtierten iPhone 6s the screen was shattered long ago, the new model persevered until the end, was it only a few scratches.
buy iPhone 7

iPhone 6s (l.) and iPhone 7 after a drop test
YouTube / EverythingApplePro
iPhone 6s (l.) and iPhone 7 after a drop test
A reliable statement that the display of the iPhone 7 is more resistant than that of his predecessor, can be made of such a test certainly not be inferred. In the case of test SquareTrade namely the display of the new iPhone broke during a fall in the first trial, were then no longer usable.

should imitate you the tests listed here anyway. The risk of making the expensive gadget so broken, is much too large and the chances of being able to handle such damage under warranty, too low.

The most impiPhone 7
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