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Join Time: July 31, 2016 at 04:36AM EST
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About Me: iPhone 7: Alleged jack adapter from Apple for the coming iPhone leaked

Lightning jack adapter (1)
07.30.2016 at 17:45Apple dares perhaps the next iPhone the step of a smartphone without jack connection. This does not necessarily mean early retirement for wired headphones and headsets. A Vietnamese site now shows a potential adapter, which allows existing headphones connect via the Lightning port on the iPhone.

The next iPhone model, which is either the name iPhone 7 transmits or - according to current rumors - iPhone 6SE is, recent leaks According to, do without 3.5mm jack for headphones or headsets. Fears that these so - insofar wired - but are obsolete, there is no need to have mandatory.

On the Vietnamese site now a video and related images published that show an appropriate adapter for the Lightning port on the iPhone, which is supposedly produced directly from Apple. This also can be normal headphones easily use on the probably the only port of the next iPhone. One indication that this is the appropriate accessories for the upcoming iPhone, Apple's iOS provides. So can be, as shown in the video, the adapter does not use iOS. 9 Under the current beta version of iOS 10 but it works fine.

Lightning jack adapter (1)
Picture gallery (enlarge to view source)Image 1 of 7
Lightning jack adapter (1) [Source:]
It is questionable whether it is indeed an official Apple product and, if so, whether the adapter instead of the usual EarPods - or a wireless counterpart - will be included. For details should be known, however, in the coming weeks and months. Current Leaks According to that is to release date of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE September 16 be. Overall, up to counter the loss of Jack Connection and probably a larger battery with only a few changes to be expected with the predecessor.

iphone 7
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#TheNextGalaxy is coming - Catch the webcast live on Aug 2nd‎‎
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