Students will be divided into groups to debate one of three topics. Every student will participate in one affirmative round and one negative round of their chosen topic. Students are encouraged to work with their groups to workshop their speeches and research their arguments. However, students within the group should not all deliver the same speech even if they cover similar points. Use your group to improve but be yourself.

The topic choices for Fall 2013 are...

RESOLVED: This House Believes That Stand Your Ground laws do more harm than good.

RESOLVED: The United States Federal Government should heavily regulate internet pornography.

RESOLVED: This House Believes That corporations should not be allowed to patent life.

Speeches are due the following dates...
10/14 11:59 PST Proposition Constructive (4 minutes)
10/21 11:59 PST Opposition Constructive (5 minutes)
10/28 11:59 PST Proposition Rebuttal (3 minutes)
11/4 11:59 PST Opposition Rebuttal & Closing (4 minutes)
11/11 11:59 PST Proposition Closing (2 minutes)

The Proposition Constructive should clearly introduce which resolution they are debating at the start of their speech. This should not count against speech time.

There will be a final round starting 11/13 with a speech due everyday for those students who finish the preliminary rounds 2-0.

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