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RHET 354/450v Extra Credit Tournament

Tournament Name: RHET 354/450v Extra Credit Tournament
Resolution: RESOLVED: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase social services for persons living in poverty in the United States.
Event: Classic Online Tournament
Invite: Click Here
Registration Deadline: April 3, 2013 11:59:59PM EST
Registration Fee: $0
Tournament Administrators:
Entries (3 Total): Show
Judges (2 Total): Show
Results: Show

Top Accumulative Ranking:

Rank Competitor Wins Losses Byes Forfeits Total Points *Opponent Wins *Opponent Points
1 Monique Saastamoinen
(Binghamton University)
2 0 1 0 45.8 0 43.6
2 Jacob Gelman
(Binghamton University)
0 2 0 1 43.6 2 45.8
3 Mckensie Stoltzfus
(Binghamton University)
0 2 0 2 0 0 0

*Does not count opponents in bye or forfeit rounds.

Top Speakers:

Rank Competitor Average (Dropped High & Low) High Low
1 Monique Saastamoinen
(Binghamton University)
N/A N/A 22.9
2 Jacob Gelman
(Binghamton University)
N/A N/A 21.8
3 Mckensie Stoltzfus
(Binghamton University)
Enter (Debater or Judge): The deadline for entering this tournament has passed.
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