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Binghamton Speech & Debate


Here are a list of tools that are designed to help out with speech & debate. Some of these were created by Binghamton Speech & Debate, while others are ones we just use.

Speed Drill Tools

Created by Brandon Evans, this tool aims to help you get faster at reading cards. It comes with a variety of options that allow you to get used to reading in unusual ways.


Created by Aaron Hardy, this is an essential Word template used by nearly every paperless policy debate team. It allows you to create Word documents that emulate evidence tubs and acordions, along with a variety of other features. Verbatim has revolutionized policy debate, and we highly recommend its usage.

Speech Timekeeper

Binghamton Speech & Debate recommends Debate Synergy Timer Version 1.5 by Alex Gulakov. You can get a copy of it here as well as use an online version, which requires no download or installation, created by Brandon Evans.

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