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Binghamton Speech & Debate

Proposition: Julianne Barteck (Homeschooled) vs. Opposition: Amanda Gonzalez (Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons)

Judge: Erin Bruni Suzuki (Shorin Global)

Resolution: Finals Week: This House Believes that Animal Testing Should be Banned.

  • Julianne Barteck
    Julianne Barteck

    Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez
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    Posted at May 18, 2020 09:57:55PM EST by Julianne Barteck



    Posted at May 20, 2020 05:05:25AM EST by Amanda Gonzalez



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    Posted at May 21, 2020 08:53:12AM EST by Joe Leeson-Schatz


    Show pgs 21 & 22

    Posted at May 22, 2020 09:07:15AM EST by Joe Leeson-Schatz



    Ritchie, H. (2020, February 10). What are the safest sources of energy? Retrieved from

    n.a. (2019, October) IRENA

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    Posted at May 22, 2020 08:33:51PM EST by Julianne Barteck




    This match has been completed. Show the Decision.

    Submitted at May 24, 2020 03:23:47PM EST by Erin Bruni Suzuki

    Category Julianne Barteck Amanda Gonzalez
    Use of evidence: 4.5 5
    Delivery skill: 5 5
    Coherence of arguments: 5 5.2
    Responsiveness to opponent: 5 5.2
    Identification of key points: 5 5
    Comments: You present a compelling case for nuclear power, backed with strong evidence. You paint a very thorough picture of the the dangers of nuclear power and challenge your opponents arguments effectively.

    The decision is for the Opposition: Amanda Gonzalez

    Reason for Decision:

    This was an extremely close debate. In the end, I awarded the match to Opposition. I feel that both sides debated most deeply around 2 issues: dangers and cost efficiency.

    In terms of dangers, I feel like this is a slight win for Opposition. Opposition presents slightly more evidence and a deeper analysis about the dangers in mining uranium and said contamination. Other power sources are thoroughly analyzed in terms of probability of accidents, but the analysis and evidence opposition presents convinces me that there are unique, irreversible harms in using nuclear power.

    In terms of cost efficiency, Opposition presents enough evidence to show me that nuclear power is not the only cost efficient option. Furthermore, there is a successful flip on job creation, showing that labor intensive electricity does not actually result in lower costs to the consumer. I was waiting for a response on this from Proposition.

    This was an extremely close debate. Thank you for an excellent, high level match!

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