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Binghamton Speech & Debate

Proposition: Ee Hsiun Chong (Unaffiliated) vs. Opposition: Maren Feltman (Wood River High School)

Judge: Joe Leeson-Schatz (Binghamton University)

Resolution: This house believes that the borders of nation-states should not prevent the movement of refugees.

  • Ee Hsiun Chong
    Ee Hsiun Chong

    Maren Feltman
    Maren Feltman
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    Posted at April 24, 2017 10:37:57AM EST by Ee Hsiun Chong



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    Posted at April 25, 2017 11:58:49PM EST by Maren Feltman



    BBC in 2016
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    Posted at April 26, 2017 09:10:45AM EST by Ee Hsiun Chong



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    Posted at April 28, 2017 12:14:04AM EST by Maren Feltman



    None available for this speech.

    Posted at April 28, 2017 11:42:38AM EST by Ee Hsiun Chong



    Eglal Rached, Eva Rathgeber & David B. Brooks, 05/01/1996 (International Development Research Centre, “Water Management in Africa and the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities”, d/l:

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    This match has been completed. Show the Decision.

    Submitted at April 28, 2017 11:18:28PM EST by Joe Leeson-Schatz

    Category Ee Hsiun Chong Maren Feltman
    Use of evidence: 5.1 4
    Delivery skill: 5.2 3.6
    Coherence of arguments: 4.3 4
    Responsiveness to opponent: 4.3 3.7
    Identification of key points: 4.8 3.4
    Comments: Great job with providing citations and putting a human face on refugees. You also do a good job outlining your three specific points, making it easy to flow. You could do a better job at explaining how I should approach the round as a judge. After your opening speech you give me a bunch of different ways I can vote but not a singular way to frame my ballot. This isn't bad so long as you frame the ballot in a later speech. Keeping your options open early is certainly a strategy. You should also have your affirmation more clearly include the safe passage clause versus potentially just defending a more generic opening of borders. Pick the ground you want to defend in your affirmation of the resolution.

    I like your response to nation's should remain focused on self-interest and their own citizens. You do a good job connecting this with the moral obligation argument from your opening speech. I think you have decent arguments against her second contention (the counter-plan). The big argument you're missing is a permutation / test of competition. There's no reason we can't open borders and allocate resources at the same time so her counter-plan isn't an opportunity cost to your plan. At the same time, you do have a bunch of responses so you at least make it difficult to go for the counter-plan.
    You should more clearly outline your argument instead of just starting to make it. The first fifteen to thirty seconds of your speech could do a better job at framing. I like your second contention (in my style of debate we'd call it an "off case" counter-plan). You should explain how the net-benefit of this contention can solve the concerns of your first contention. Also, you quote a bunch of evidence verbally in your speech but only provide one cite. You should provide cites for all of them. Good job using your counter-plan as a way to respond to the proposition's contention.

    You NEED to be using your full time in your closing speech. You need the time trade-off on the opposition side. In regards to your counter-plan (2nd contention) the prop had a handful of responses of which you only respond to one of them. You need to make sure you answer each of his arguments. This would be a good debate to do a rebuttal redo since you could have easily won this debate if you executed right. Also, sadly, it seems like your video cuts off early... but even if it didn't if you weren't going to get around to answering all the individual responses to your funding argument it would be difficult to win since so much of your first speech's strategy was contingent on that.

    The decision is for the Proposition: Ee Hsiun Chong

    Reason for Decision:

    Opposition drops too many responses by the proposition rebuttal that the prop effectively extends into his closing speech. The shifting the burden of refugees between several nations versus just a few would be more desirable. In addition, the prop wins that moral duties should extend beyond our own citizens within the nation and the self. He wins this since I don't get much of a response to the arbitrariness of where one is born. I would suggest the prop reading and/or citing some Levinas in regards to ethical obligations, especially if there was a bigger utilitarian throw down. "Being for the Other-to-the-Other: Justice and Communication in Levinasian Ethics" by Pat J. Gehrke would be worth checking out.

    Opp very good opening speech. Closing speech needs work. Your points were much higher in my ratings until that point. You have the potential to be a good debater if you get better at your closing arguments. Work on framing, locking in on what you want to go for, and then fully answering all the objections to the one argument you want to win on.

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