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Binghamton Speech & Debate

Proposition: Anwesh Datta (DeBakey ) vs. Opposition: Hadley Cabitto (Wood River High School)

Judge: Abigail Wong (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)

Resolution: RESOLVED: The United Nations should adopt a resolution decrying or demanding an end to the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan.

  • Anwesh Datta
    Anwesh Datta

    Hadley Cabitto
    Hadley Cabitto
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    Posted at April 22, 2014 02:08:43AM EST by Anwesh Datta



    Posted at April 22, 2014 11:47:59PM EST by Hadley Cabitto



    tp:// Search Oceans and Law of the Sea site‎

    Posted at April 24, 2014 12:38:09AM EST by Anwesh Datta



    Posted at April 24, 2014 10:56:37PM EST by Hadley Cabitto



    None available for this speech.

    Posted at April 26, 2014 01:59:51AM EST by Anwesh Datta



    None available for this speech.


    This match has been completed. Show the Decision.

    Submitted at April 27, 2014 10:07:15AM EST by Abigail Wong

    Category Anwesh Datta Hadley Cabitto
    Use of evidence: 2.9 3
    Delivery skill: 2.5 2.7
    Coherence of arguments: 3.7 2.5
    Responsiveness to opponent: 4 1.9
    Identification of key points: 2.7 3
    Comments: Constructive: substantives should directly address the motion and include its nuances, your substantives address the issue of dolphin hunting but make minimal reference to the UN and the situation in Taiji. Structure your points with the points which make the most impact at the top of your speech. When using evidence, explain the relevance of this evidence and why it is beneficial for your side.

    Rebuttal: Structure should be improved on showing the rebuttals you are going to give. Good pointing out how the second proposition substantive is tangential and flipping the argument to aid your side. Good pointing out the inherent concession on her side, however after pointing that out, show the significance of why ignoring that point is so vital to your side's case.

    Closing: Please remain formality to show respect to both your opponent and the tournament. If your opponent has not rebutted your arguments, further your arguments. You should also try to rebut the idea of sovereignty.
    Constructive: there needs to a proper delineation between your points such as the split between sovereignty and the importance. Second substantive needs to be less convoluted and go directly to the issue of how the UN is not the best body to enforce the end of the Taiji dolphin hunt.
    Rebuttals should be more hard hitting, by countering the base premise of the substantive. Ie: when proposition brings up how dolphin hunting should be stopped because they are rational beings, you should try to challenge this premise so the rebuttal is more hardhitting. Use your evidence strategically to prove a point and show why it forwards the logic you're presenting. Ie: when giving the examples of the UN resolutions, explain the significance of why the UN respects sovereignty etc.

    Rebuttal: Your arguments need to be more structured. If clarifying the idea of squid and fish, contextualize it to the motion and show the importance of it to the motion. Explain the Taiji's right to sovereignty aside from using UN articles. Arguments become circular after a while, instead of using a hypothetical to explain your point, use proper examples or logic.

    The decision is for the Proposition: Anwesh Datta

    Reason for Decision:

    Opposition failed to apply adequately to proposition and became defensive as the debate continued. Proposition on the hand was able to flip some of the argumentation provided by the opposition team and gave a more convincing argument.


    NO, it's fine. I understand the trouble of younger siblings. My sisters a brat. But, thank you for a good round. Also, Congratulations! - Hadley Cabitto on April 28, 2014 at 11:43AM EST
    It's fine, please don't do it again. - Abigail Wong on April 28, 2014 at 01:45AM EST
    I apologize for that last video....I made a professional one as well as a joke video. My intention was to submit the professional speech and delete the joke one, unfortunately my younger siblings thought it would be funny to post the joke video while I left my room. Again I apologize to my judge for having to watch that and I apologize to my opponent if she felt disrespected in any way. - Anwesh Datta on April 27, 2014 at 11:41AM EST

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