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Final Round of Binghamton University's 1st Annual Online Debate Tournament!

Posted by Joe Leeson-Schatz on May 3, 2013

We're into the final week of our online tournament. 12 competitors remain, all at 4-0. Wish them luck and check out the rounds that are already underway here.

Next week the 1st winner of our annual online tournament will be named and will claim the $100 gift card award. Other awards will also be given out at that time.

Below are the current seedings:

Rank 1: Elizabeth Gellis (Binghamton University): 6 Opponent Wins and 90 Points
Rank 2: Brandon Evans (Binghamton University): 6 Opponent Wins and 86.1 Points
Rank 3: Amelia Poulin (University of Rochester): 6 Opponent Wins and 84.9 Points
Rank 4: William Cheung (City University of New York): 6 Opponent Wins and 77.1 Points
Rank 5: Dhruv Sehgal (Binghamton University): 5 Opponent Wins and 85.7 Points
Rank 6: Christian Chessman (Unaffiliated): 4 Opponent Wins and 106.3 Points
Rank 7: David Diaso Jr. (San Diego Christian College): 4 Opponent Wins and 80.4 Points
Rank 8: Nick Julian (Newport High School): 4 Opponent Wins and 77.2 Points
Rank 9: Monique Saastamoinen (Binghamton University): 4 Opponent Wins and 75.2 Points
Rank 10: Lindsey Hancock (Mercer University): 3 Opponent Wins 75.6
Rank 11: Lauren Busdon (Wood River High School): 3 Opponent Wins and 43.2 Points
Rank 12: Chris Hall (Weber State University): 2 Opponent Wins and 81.5 Points

Good luck to all competitors!


Thank you for sharing in this article, I can a lot and could also be a reference I hope to read the next your article update - Mas Brey on November 27, 2018 at 12:48AM EST
Congratulations for every contester. Great job! - William50 on January 16, 2017 at 09:07AM EST

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