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Fall 2012 Policy Debate Season Overview

Posted by Maneo Choudhury on November 19, 2012

It has been an amazing Fall season for the Bearcats, finishing up the semester having exceeded expectations at every tournament so far this year!

Recent Tournaments

At the 2012 Huber Debates at the University of Vermont, Binghamton had a strong showing in every division.

In the Novice division MO (Aishwarya Masrani & Mark Ochweri), KM (Xin Ke & John Maine), KK (Chi Ka Ko & Masakazu Kurihara), and CS (Derrick Conyers & Dhruv Sehgal) all reached the quarterfinals round. Two teams, KK and KM, continued onto semifinals where both faced teams from the United States Military Academy. Army went on to close out the final round of the novice division.

In the Open division, CP (Maneo Choudhury & Anna Pinchuk) and GR (Philip George & Trevor Reddick) held strong during the preliminary rounds and both made appearances in final rounds. In the JV Breakout finals, CP faced the top team from the New School, which the New School won on a 2-1 decision. In the Varsity elimination rounds, GR advanced to the final round where they faced the top team from Cornell University. Cornell emerged victorious on a 2-1 decision.

The next weekend, CP and GR competed at the Franklin R. Shirley Classic at Wake Forest University. This is one of the most competitive policy debate tournaments of the year, matched only by championships like the National Debate Tournament and CEDA Nationals. The tournament limits entries to the top two teams from each school, making exception only for third and fourth teams which can prove themselves to be just as good as the best. This makes it one of the toughest pools to be debating in. Binghamton faced several tough opponents including Michigan State HR (currently ranked the 10th best partnership in the nation), University of Oklahoma CL (currently ranked 22nd in the nation), amongst other nationally recognized teams.

Last weekend, Binghamtons JV and Novice debaters competed at the Rutgers-Newark Debate Tournament. In the Novice division, MS (Aishwarya Masrani & Dhruv Sehgal) and RY (Sonya Robinson & Phillip Yuen) both had four wins and two losses in preliminary rounds, making it to Octofinals. In JV, EF (Brandon Evans & Daniel Friedman) managed to tear through a Liberty-dominated pool to make it to Semifinals where they faced Liberty CW. The tight debated ended in a 2-1 decision for Liberty University.

Northeast Fall Championship @ BU

Binghamton University will be hosting the Northeast Fall Championship 2012, the first tournament of its kind, on December 1st and December 2nd. This tournament marks the official end of the Fall debate season. The tournament will consist of Open, JV, and Novice divisions.

For this tournament, members of the Binghamton debate squad will not be able to proceed to elimination rounds. Only the Binghamton students who are taking one of the debate classes (Rhet 247 and/or Rhet 354) and competing for extra credit will be able to advance to elims. For this reason, the squad members will all be debating up one level: the Novice debaters will compete in the JV division; the JV debaters will compete in the Open division; the Varsity debaters will sit this one out.

Registration for the tournament is open right now, as we wait for all schools to register. Currently Rutgers-Newark University, New York Univeristy, CUNY, and Western Connecticut State University are entered.

Spring 2013 Season

With the Fall semester coming to an end, the Bearcats are already looking ahead to the Spring season. In January, the squad will be traveling to Los Angeles for the annual Cal Swing two back-to-back national tournaments in the Golden State.

It was a great first semester of debate for the Binghamton Bearcats: Now its time to prep for the coast!

~Maneo Choudhury

((Edit, 7pm: Photos have been added to this post. ))


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